The Flyingwood.com Evolution

Intially this site was created as a build log where I could easily record the construction of my 1929 plans-built Pietenpol Air Camper as proof that I was the builder of the entire project. It then became an easy way to communicate construction techniques and share what I learned with others. This sharing also created a feedback loop of learning and a lot of dialog with other builders. I believe the first version of the site started in 2006 and was up and running until 2015. The hosting service I was using got out of that business and it took me until now (Feb 2019) to make the decision to stand it back up again.

New Addition to the Project Family

Part of the Pietenpol experience is going to Brodhead, WI every year and camping during the fly-in, where builder fly their finished Pietenpols to a little country airfield up in Wisconsin, eat brats, drink beer and single malt scotch, enjoy the eclectic soulmates that this event brings together. After a couple years of camping in a tent, in 2013 I stumbled across teardrop campers while cruising around the web one night and decided it was worth going off course with the Pietenpol project to whip up one of these campers. Shortly after the trailer came, we decided to finally get out of Connecticut. We did some house hunting in Austin, TX and had made up our minds that we found our destination. In order to make the house sale-ready I did a bathroom remodel, and finished a part of the basement into an office space where I could work. While that was wrapping up we also had the house resided and put on a new roof. All that delayed all the ongoing projects for about 2 years. We got here in Austin and actually used the trailer which had nothing but a deck on the frame, loaded to the gills with stuff that didn't make it into the moving trailer. It tracked well and proved to us that the Northern Tool trailer had already paid for itself.

Progress and New Technology

After having no website for about 3 or 4 years, and having such a great time chipping away at the teardrop trailer project I decided to stand up a site and possibly make another trailer or 2 to market test the viability of doing this as a side business. The last site was really old technology (traditional .ASP) which is just HTML with embedded VBScript to allow page content to load from a database. This resurrection of the site is hosted at GoDaddy on an ASP.Net platform and coded in C#. It's been fun to get my head back into web development and see how things have changed since I stepped away from .Net a few years ago. I will add a section at some later date on the GoDaddy experience share what I've learned about platforming a data driven website there.